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Paula is a contemporary realist painter working in acrylics in East Sussex

She gets her inspiration from the surrounding areas and textures where she lives.

She works with very small brushes which is how she gets the attention to detail so spot on

This is how she describes her work - Contemporary realism.

A little bit brighter, a little bit clearer and a little bit more colourful than real life! 

You can purchase or commission Paula's work by contacting her 




Marie Rayner
Marie paints and writes from a little terraced house at the edge of beautiful Chester,
where she lives with her man the Toddster, and their little pup Mitzie.

She says she was born with a crayon in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, 
but in truth cannot remember a time when drawing, colouring, painting and
creating was not an important part of who she is. 
As a child I wrote my own books and illustrated them, created my own board games,
drew and coloured my own paper dolls amongst many other creative activities.
I was never privileged enough to have gone to art school.  All I know I taught myself. 
I am not that well versed in computer ology and computer graphics, so all that you see comes from me.
I don't know how to do it any other way.   As I go along and try different things, I learn and I believe I am getting better.

Marie's other love is cooking and you can find the most delicious recipes over on her cooking blog    
where she can be found when not crafting.
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins would spend hours as a child drawing and creating. 
He began his career as an illustrator and muralist, creating commercial
murals for interior decorating firms, residential murals, trompe l'oeil
faux painting and decorative furniture finishes.    Shawns creativity is not
limited to creating art, he is also a musician, songwriter and writer.
Painting with a variety of media including  watercolours , acrylics, oils and tempera,
 Shawn uses a layering technique to apply colour.   Working from his studio in Warwick,
Rhode Island, Shawn is constantly inspired by his rural origins, rich in the traditions of
farming and American country life     Shawn resides in Rhode Island with his best friend
and wife Kerri and their two children, Emily and Isaac.
Tanya & Craig Amberson
Craig and Tanya Amberson, husband and wife animal artists,
share a studio in their rural Western Washington State home.
Both are full time, self taught artists who spend their work days
creating custom commissioned portraits, original pieces from
their own inspiration and collaborating on colorful whimsical
art that they create together.

They are both founding members of the international art group

Art Helping Animals, and give a percentage of all original art sale

proceeds to animals rescue. Together, with the other Art Helping Animal artists,

Craig and Tanya have helped to raise thousands

of dollars for animals in need.

Visit Tanya and Craig’s blog at

Shelly Rasche
Shelly Rasche  works from a studio in her Camp Point, Illinois home. 
She also loves to illustrate stories and curriculum materials for children.
Using pen and ink along with watercolor, she makes children,
animals, or even angels spring to life with a character all their own.

Her warm and often humorous children’s illustrations
have appeared in magazines, books and curriculum materials.
In her spare time Shelly loves to work in her extensive flower gardens,
complete with hummingbirds, butterflies and even a small turtle in the pond named Bob.
Beverley Morgan
I have been involved with art in one way or another all my life,
but have been painting seriously for the last 20 years.
I work primarily in watercolour but also paint with
pastel and various mixed media.
My work is impressionistic and I enjoy painting a variety of subjects,
such as floral, landscape, portrait, and still life.
I have been selling my work privately and through shows
on a very regular basis and truly enjoy viewing the work of other artists.
I love to share art ideas and techniques and feel that we as artists
have a deep obligation to help each other as much as we can.
Art, like life, is a jouney, and we have much to learn along the way.
Therefore, exploration and experimentation are
very necessary components of my personal art journey.
I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it

Doug Laird



Douglas was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1946.

He became interested in art very early in life.

By the age of fifteen, he apprenticed at an

advertising agency / art studio in his home town.

During that time he also attended the Edinburgh College

Of Art where he studied life drawing and draped life extensively.

Douglas' travels throughout North America and Europe after his education

have had a strong influence on the subject matter and medium

 now used in his paintings.

He enjoys painting and feels comfortable in all mediums.

His subjects include; landscape, nostalgia

still life, children and everyday activitiesDouglas emigrated to

Canada in 1965 and currently resides in Ontario



Peggy Abrams


Acclaimed as one of the finest Santa artists in the gift industry

Peggy’s humble beginnings and love for art started in a one-room schoolhouse.

There she discovered her passion for the world of art and creativity.


Life, though, has a way of surprising you.

In 1981, Peggy’s husband had an accident that would

cause him paralysis in half his body and require him to relearn speech.

Peggy all but abandoned her painting to care for and support

her family during the following challenging years.

Fortunately, three years later, Peggy was asked by a friend to paint a sailboat.

That single project inspired and shocked her with the outcome.

“It was beautiful!” she exclaimed. “I took the painting to a local gallery

to have it framed and they asked to show my paintings.”

Peggy has been painting ever since.

Over the next few years, Peggy found that Santas became her favorite images to paint.

To this day, every day you can find Peggy in her studio, once again…painting



Lee Brownlee


You can purchase from the Artist by clicking on image
I have been creating art all of my life, and began painting seriously in 1990
with most of my experience being with oil portraits.
I have been fortunate to have been commissioned
in the past by many of the NASCAR race drivers and team owners
to paint portraits of them and their race cars and trophies.
Many of them are also avid hunters and have commissioned
me to paint them and their friends,
with their animals. One of my portraits is hanging in the
Richard Childress Racing Museum in North Carolina.

In addition to oil and a combination of oil and acrylic portraits

I have sold and painted landscapes, still-lifes, and abstracts.

Many of my customers have collections of my work.

I have also joyfully painted "Flower Shoes" in watercolors

which are sold internationally.




Jonathon Earl Bowser
A Canadian artist of English, French, Scottish, and Chippewa descent -
was born in 1962. He began making art as a young child,
and graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1984. After a 5-year career in
commercial illustration that helped to refine his technical skills
he changed course in 1989 to pursue instead his own creative visions.
His limited-edition prints and collector's
plates are now represented by galleries internationally
and his original paintings are in public
and private collections across North America, Europe
and Asia - including the government collections of China and Taiwan
The artist's extensive and informative website
(which receives about 1000 visitors a day
and provides artwork for many thousands of websites)
has an excellent selection of Jonathon's best work
including his unique figurative-landscape paintings that he calls
Mythic Naturalism - images looking for the
mysterious poetry of which the natural world is made.


Very Tranquil, Dreamy and Mythical
You can purchase
From the artist here
Just click on the link below