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 These free samples are intended for your own personal use and are not in any way intended for resale as a  stand alone product.
 Copyright restrictions are in force - You may use the designs and images to create cards/gifts  privately at  home for charity or profit but only on a small scale, hundreds are not allowed and only items made by hand  are eligible for sale.
 print the artwork, papers etc and sell in kit form or as a stand alone product, use the artwork/papers in  their present format and offer them for sale or for free on any website, blog or picture sharing service or for  commercial use electronically or in paper form.   All artwork remains the copyright of the artist
  You can see more from all of these CD's in the CRAFT SHOP
  If you do not have a graphics program then you can download
 For Windows 7 & 8 here           
 For all other Windows  Photo pos Pro here   



 These have been created in PDF and are all A4 size sheets just click

 on the image and it will open, most computers already have Adobe reader but if

 not you can download 

it from   here



Happy Crafting

All freebies from Ooh la la Cd's

Say it with Words

This one was very popular with our Design team this challenge week

Faithful Friends 

Fairies in Bloom















Paula Oakley Collection 









If you would like your creations put into

our gallery please send a picture to


we would love to see them



Shawn Jenkins Collection

Carnival of Colour 




























Faithful Friends Embellishments 







Paula Oakley Collection








                 Faithful Friends Embellishments





Happy Crafting