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  Q: How to open Jpegs/images
  A: If you have a new computer or have not used Jpeg images before you may need to tell your computer which
          programme you want to use to open them.    
          This is a fairly simple process
     1) First go to any one of the images on the CD that you wish to open
     2) Next right click on the image with your mouse & select " Properties " ( normally at the bottom of the pop up list )

   3) Next left click "change" beside the "opens with" box and an options menu will open




    4) Next you can choose from the options within this menu by simply clicking on the programme you want it to use and then click "OK" 

       this closes the options menu

      Then select "Apply" on the properties box, this will close the box.   This will now mean all Jpeg images on your computer will open in

      selected programme when double clicked.   All Windows computers should contain the "Paint" by Microsoft option.   If you select this

      then all the Jpegs on your   computer will open in Paint.    This should enable you to work with the images on all of our CD's




    If you feel you need a slightly more comprehensive programme to use on the CD you will find links to two free down loadable programmes

    below and on our CD's which we have found to be  excellent for working with our images .  Only use “paint.NET” if you have windows 7

    and above . If your operating system is anything else then use  “ photo pos pro.”

    To use either of these simply go to the web sites from the links & download the programmes. Make sure you un-click any options to

    install free tool bars , search engines etc but say yes to a desktop icon.

    When programme is down loaded & installed repeat steps 1-3 above


    On the options menu click the “browse” button on the bottom right hand side

    Select “desktop” from the menu on the left

   You should then see ,on the right, the icon for the programme you have downloaded . Click on this icon ; then OK.



    Q: Changing Text Colour
   A: Using word or your own graphics programme you can get text to look like Gold, Silver or Copper
         you just need to change the values of the text to the following:
        Gold ~ change R to 192 G to 168 B to 104
       Deeper Gold ~  R to 165  G to 138  B to 82
       Silver ~   R to 151  G to 151  B to 168
       Copper  R to 205  G to 115  B to 0
   Q: How to put text onto inserts
   A: To add text to inserts you need a graphics programme, Serif Photoplus is one that I use but any graphics programme will work.
          All windows computers should have MS Paint on them.
          To open in Paint right click on the insert of your choice and go to  " open with paint " if your image is too big click on view and then on   
          the spy glass with the minus sign to make it smaller, then click on Home this will take you to your other tools.                  
          Once opened click on the A either down the left hand side or at the top, then click inside the insert, a box will come up, drag this to the
          inside of your insert using your mouse on the tiny boxes in each corner and middle.  
          Choose the colour, size & font  you wish to print with before typing, if it is not quite where you want it placed again move around using   
          your mouse on the boxes, once happy with the placement click on the insert.
          Alternatively you can download a good free paint programme
          Here    for Windows 7
          Here    for all other Windows