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We post First Class Free P&P Worldwide with a minimum spend of £6.99

To pay by cheque please go to contact page and enter order details




Ideal for beginners or advanced crafters, our CD's are easy to use

Insert CD Rom into drive, Auto - run menu will load

No installation required

Choose your image and click on it to open, then just print onto

Paper/ Card using the best print setting for the best image

Works with Windows 98 & above, Vista, XP & Windows 7 & 8


All of our CD's also work on a Mac computer, the interface will not open but you can access all of the folders

If you prefer Pdf files please email before purchasing

To see samples of image sheets click on the links below to see sample cards visit our gallery












£12.99  Free P&P                





On this beautiful CD you will find a selection of our favourite images & quotes

 from Marie Rayner's paintings.


As well as toppers, inserts and backing papers you will also

find sentiments, decoupage,

borders & embellishments, bookmarks, black & white digi images,

bonus artwork without words so you can add some of your own,

quick cards, envelopes, boxes and a calendar 


Over 700 sheets to print over and over





Click on the butterfly to see samples




  to see Card Samples












      £12.99 Free P&P          



Fun CD  perfect for the little people in our lives featuring

 Nursery Rhyme, Story Time & Once Upon A Time some of

the themes you will find on this CD for children


Artwork Sets containing papers, inserts, toppers and pyramid 

 decoupage, also included are party invitations; cake boxes

 party bags, colouring pages, quick cards, door hangers,

sentiments, embellishments, decoupage and bonus folders.


Over 500 sheets to print




Click on the toad stall to see samples


Click here to see cards


You can also purchase puzzles to match your cards

from  JHG Jigsaws



















 £11.99 Free P&P        




A collection of Vintage Images for all occasions

46 image sets with a variety of themes


Fashion, Animals, Birds, Floral, Christmas

 images in B&W, Sepia and Colour

Each set includes papers, inserts, toppers &

  pyramid decoupage incorporating a new twist of black & white

with a touch of colour

Also included on this packed CD are bookmarks, decoupage,

gift cards, mini postcards, borders, embellishments,

sentiments & tags, writing paper plus bonus folders

containing more  papers, toppers and pyramid decoupage


There are  60 plus images

and  over  780 sheets to print




Click on cup to see samples












  £14.99 Free P&P                             




This beautiful CD features artwork from

 Shelly Rasche

to suit cards for many occasions throughout the year

Birthday, Baby, Christmas, Friends, Mother's Day, Father's Day,

Thank You, Valentine, Wedding, Halloween, Teacher plus some

with a religious theme


There are 53 artwork sets all containing backing papers, toppers,

co-ordinating inserts and stacked decoupage


In addition to these you will also find

bonus papers, bonus inserts with verse & sentiments,

sentiments & tags, borders & embellishments, calendar,

mini cards & envelopes, quick cards, bookmarks and trad decoupage


Over 800 Sheets to print





Click on Mice to see samples













    £9.99 Free P&P  




  A pretty collection of watercolour Fairies

There are 30 Artwork sets

all with Backing papers, co-ordinating inserts,

2 sheets of toppers, stacked decoupage

& mini cards



In addition to these you will find

Trad decoupage, bookmarks, borders, sentiments,

embellishments, quick cards, postcards

bonus papers, waterfall & plates

Over 550 Sheets to print





Click on cupcake for samples

















£14.99 Free P&P      




 Part 2  of the beautiful watercolour

shoe art from Lee Brownlee

There are 60 artwork sets all containing

backing papers, co-ordinating inserts, toppers

and stacked decoupage

In addition to these you will find

Bonus papers, traditional decoupage, bookmarks

sentiments, quick card toppers, waterfall


and a slideshow

to introduce you to each piece of artwork

Over 850 sheets to print









Click on Flip Flops to see samples











£14.99 Free P&P      


Watercolours from Beverly Morgan

Floral, Scenery, Eastern promise & more

there are 54 Artwork sets each containing

backing papers, inserts, toppers and pyramid

decoupage. In addition to these there are plates,

word books, bookmarks, bonus papers, quick card

 toppers,sentiments, borders, embellishments

 including flowers, buttons & bows



Over 750 Sheets to print




Click on the Flower to see examples












 £9.99 Free P&P       


A fabulous collection of cocktail dresses, prom gowns,

 party dresses, wedding dresses, flower shop and

accessories, and not forgetting the males we have

football, fishing, golf, sailor, tuxedo & city gent

All hand painted in watercolour from

Artist Lee Brownlee

There are 37 artwork sets each containing backing

papers, inserts, toppers, mini cards & envelopes

In addition to these you get bonus papers,bonus

toppers, pyramid decoupage, waterfall sheets,

sentiments & tags, quick card toppers, bookmarks,

alphabets, 1 A4 calendar plus black & white

images of all the artwork so you can colour in

to design your own wardrobe

Over 700 sheets to print




Click on Dress to see samples











£ 14.99 Free P & P               



Christmas Presence a beautiful Cd filled with Christmas

 images featuring the beautiful artwork of Peggy Abrams

You will find Santa's, Snowmen, Florals, Birds,

Wreaths, Angels and Christmas Trees

This CD is ideal for fun aswell as religious & traditional

cards and gifts

50 design sets containing backing  papers, inserts,

toppers, tags, mini cards with envelopes

plus bonus papers, traditional and pyramid decoupage,

 waterfall sheets, an advent calendar, sentiments,

 borders and quick card toppers 




Click on Snowman to see samples













£ 6.99  Free P& P       




Mini Cd for those last minute makes

Cute, vintage and traditional all on one CD

8x8 Xmas Papers, A4 papers, A5 papers, page curl and weave,

 A4 inserts, square inserts, toppers, quick cards, pyramid

 and traditional decoupage, plates with stands and tags,

waterfall sheets, quick card toppers, frames and assorted tags


Over 300 Sheets to print 



Click on chimney to see samples





Special Offer 







   £14.9 9  Free P&P      




Featuring the beautiful & original artwork of

Jonathon Earl Bowser

Landscapes, Mythical Goddesses, images of fantasy

 and in his own words

Mytholigical Dreamscapes of the Kingdom

There are 62 Artwork Sets containing papers including

 solid colours, inserts, and toppers

plus pyramid decoupage, waterfall sheets, vellums,

quick card toppers, bookmarks and bonus papers

with designs of bark, cedar, stone, grasses and letters

839 Sheets to print




Click on Angel to see samples







Pre order yours now




                 £12.99  Free P&P                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



A fabulous new CD featuring the artwork of Paula Oakley

who is based in East Sussex and has an amazing talent

for attention to fine detail.


On this Cd you will find Toppers, inserts,

 backing papers, pyramid decoupage,

borders & embellishments, bookmarks, quick cards,

 sentiments & tags plus bonus papers


Over 500 sheets to print over and over



Click on Ted to see samples






to see Card Samples

from our Design Team 

















         £14.99 Free P&P         




On this CD you will find a selection of some of our

favourite images from Shawn Jenkins featuring

butterflies, baubles, floral, nautical, fun and Christmas all on one CD


There are 60 images in total including 2 Asian inspired Bluebirds

As well as papers, inserts, toppers and pyramid decoupage you will find

 sentiments, tags, borders, embellishments, bookmarks, easel, shaped  &

quick cards,  plus bonus papers and inserts


Over 800 sheets to print



Click on the cupcake to see samples


Click here for projects














 £14.99 Free P&P                                            




This beautiful CD features a selection of your

favourite doggy friends, in both portrait and

 humorous situations.   We think that Tanya and

  Craig have captured these canine friends perfectly.


There are 62 fabulous images all with their own

papers, inserts, toppers and pyramid decoupage.


Dogs include Beagle, Boxer, Collie, Corgi, Bulldogs, Chihuahua,

Dachschund, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Greyhound,

Husky, Jack Russell, Lab, Maltese, Pomeranian, Pug, Rottweiler,

Schnauzer, Terriers of all kinds to name but some


You will also find bonus papers and inserts, borders

and embellishments, sentiments, bookmarks, doggy crackers,

quick cards and a calendar, plus the slideshow.



Over 780 sheets to print



Click on me to see samples








              YULETIDE WISHES





                                                                                              £14.99 Free P&P      



Another fabulous collectionof Christmas 

images from Shelly Rasche



There are 57 artwork sets

including the 12 days of Christmas, Santa's, Snow people,

more cute mice, Angels, Penguins, Nativity and more

you wont be disappointed


You will also find on the CD

background papers, co-ordinating inserts, toppers,

stacked decoupage, traditional decoupage, tags,

borders, embellishments, bookmarks, quick cards, plates,

boxes and box template, calendar, mini cards,

mini envelope template and last but not least

bonus papers and inserts with sentiments in English

and French

Over 840 Sheets to print




Click on Cat basket to see samples















      £14.99 Free P&P      




This fun collection from Doug Laird

features Snowmen, Santa's and Teddy Bears

all doing the funniest things

There are 50 artwork sets all with backing papers,

co-ordinating inserts, toppers, stacked decoupage,

mini cards and envelopes

In addition to these you will find

Trad decoupage, bookmarks, borders, sentiments,

tags, shaped cards, quick card toppers, boxes

gift bags, easel cards, bonus papers, embellishments

including bows, ribbons, buttons & lace

and not forgetting advent calendars


Over 800 sheets to print



Click on Santa to see samples
















£14.99 Free P&P    



Just what the title suggests a spectacular CD

for all those boys & men in our lives

Never be stuck for a male card again

The artwork is the creation of Doug Laird an

amazing artist whose images range from humour

to the more classic and cute

There are 56 Artwork Sets each containing

backing Papers including weave and page curl,

inserts, toppers and mini cards

In addition to these there are

bonus papers, bonus inserts, pyramid decoupage

quick card toppers, bookmarks, sentiments,

alphabets, borders & mini envelope templates


Over 800 Sheets to print




Click on Bear to see samples











   £ 14.99 Free P&P   



Shoes in bloom, a beautiful collection

of Watercolour Flower Shoes hand painted

by artist Lee Brownlee

If you love shoes & flowers you wont be

able to resist this fabulous CD

60 Design sets each with

2 sheets of toppers, inserts & papers

including weave and paper curl

Plus bonus folders containing

pattern & crackle finish papers,

purse toppers, bookmarks, alphabets,

butterfly embellishments, quick card

toppers, traditional & pyramid decoupage

and waterfall sheets


A staggering 890 + Sheets to print





Click on Poppy to see samples















  £ 9.99 Free P & P    



40 Design Sets

Ballerina's, Pirate, Mystic, Egyptian Dancer

Mermaid, Fairies & Brides plus much much

more. Each folder contains backing papers,

inserts and toppers

Plus there are more folders containing

bonus papers, silhoettes, gift cards and

envelopes, waterfall sheets, pyramid and

traditional decoupage, quick cards, ATC's

embellishments and borders

Over 800 sheets to print




Click on Ballet Dancer to see samples














  £9.99 Free P&P                



Flowers all with a modern twist

Pansy, Iris, Cosmos, daisy, Sunflower and many more

34 Floral Sets with papers, inserts, toppers, pyramid

and traditional decoupage

Plus bonus papers, including greetings sheets, 

inserts, frames,

 tags, circular calendar, waterfall sheets,

 borders, mini cards with envelopes, bookmarks,

 door hangers and quick card toppers

740 + sheets

and Over 1000 Individual Items

to print



Click on Flowers to see samples












 £9.99 Free P&P           



Featuring the amazing artwork of Amanda Penrose

63 Artwork Sets containing papers, inserts,

toppers and decoupage

plus sheets of alphabets and extra vowels,

tags, waterfall sheets, borders, vellum, note paper,

teabag sheets, quick card toppers and bonus papers

810 Sheets to print


    Click on Robot to see samples















     £6.99 Free P&P        


    37 Design folders

    all containing background papers, inserts,toppers

    and pyramid decoupage

    Plus quick cards toppers, waterfall, tags

     and embellishments, bonus papers,

    bonus inserts and bonus toppers,


    Over 600 Sheets to print

    Click on fan to see samples